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Counseling by Dr. Janos Kollar clinical psychologist

Dr. Janos Kollar PhD

I am a clinical psychologist,
music therapist and
relaxation therapist.

I have been working
for 18 years with  people
all over the world.

I think that’s enough
about myself.
The important person is




If you feel lonely
If you need someone to talk to
If you are a student and you feel exam stress
If you miss some courage for life
If you don’t  trust yourself enough
If  you have difficulties in finding partners
If  you feel everything boring
If  you have problems with integration into a new society
If you lost your values
If you feel the surrounding world frightening
If you have too much stress in your life
If you would like to learn how to relax
If you can’t find the next step in your life


(It's so simple)

We can talk in English or in Hungarian.

Our conversations are strictly private and confidential.
I am available in person or via Skype. My fee is 50 Euro/50 minutes.

Contact me by e-mail for an appointment:

Special course:

Learning is fun (20 hours)
(personal participation is expected)
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